Bologna loves Hamburg via The Beatles

Una recensione (questa volta in inglese) di una mostra sui Beatles nella mia Bologna. Astrid Kirchherr with the Beatles, a Palazzo Favae’ davvero da non perdere. Qui nella recencesione di Flaneur in Bologna 🙂 Buona lettura!

Flaneur in Bologna

It was impossible not to sing along this afternoon while Stefanie Hempel, beautiful low voice, cheerful interpretation and ukulele, was tuning Here comes the sun and With a little help from my friend at Palazzo Fava. The german singer was a special gift for the first day of Astrid Kirchherr with the Beatles, by Genus Bononiae and Ono Arte Contemporanea, an exhibition for all of those who have a little Dear Prudence, Blackbird or Lucy in the sky gently tattooed in their hearts.


I’m one of them and I was also one of the many improvised Beatles’ scholars. When I was 17 I spent a couple of weeks eagerly reading their biography, with that typical sting of pain for not having been there. And among the many “there” of the history of the Beatles there’s Hamburg.

7. The Beatles, Hugo Haase, 1960 LOW REScredits ©GINZBURG FINE ARTS/PHOTO…

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