A Sector Defined by People

I musei nel XXI secolo sono sempre più definiti attrazioni turistiche. Che ci piaccia o no questa e’ la realtà dei fatti.

Front of House in Museums

People are visiting British attractions, across the UK visitor numbers have grown by 9%, growth was highest in Scotland where growth topped 19%. This growth was despite a UK wide drop in international visitors (4%). A sign of growing strength in the UK tourism industry, and a sign that the real growth is coming from us, people across the UK. The greatest growth have been found outside London, in cities like Birmingham and Liverpool, and in the home nations of Northern Ireland and Scotland (Brown 2019 Guardian). The visitor growth and declines we are seeing, ask questions about long term patterns and the impact of Brexit (what ever it actually becomes) will areas experiencing growth now, be more insulated as a result of internal visitor growth patterns with areas like London suffering more, notably the sites which relay on international visitors to make up the bulk of their visitor base?…

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