A Joint Statement on the Coronavirus Pandemic

In Inghilterra i musei chiudono al pubblico e noi che ci lavoriamo dobbiamo reinventarci un ruolo diverso per far sì che il settore della cultura, già così fragile, sopravviva a questa catastrofe. Ci aspettano tempi difficili, ma l’arte e la cultura sono importantissimi per il morale e la salute mentale delle persone.

Front of House in Museums

A joint statement from FoHMuseums, Fair Museum Jobs and Museum Wellness

We urge museums and their associated organisations to give their unanimous support to the entire museum workforce at this critical time to ensure the long-term health and security of those working in museums.

We encourage museums to give their full support to their workers to ensure their risk to exposure is limited and the effects associated with actions to minimise the spread of Covid-19 are not contributing to the increased vulnerability of their livelihoods.

Not all museum workers are able to work from home, including those working in front facing roles this includes roles associated with keeping museums open to the public such as operations who are more important than ever to minimising the risk of contamination and maintaining the cleanliness of museums. FoH are exposed to the public and are less likely to be able to “work from…

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